The Elves' artistic architecture includes their unique light crystals, sapphire colored stones fueled by the Light of Alfheim that are plugged to structures in order to create bridges mades of solid light. Use the Leviathan axe to the right of the chain to lock it in place, then follow the wall around the way you came to find a climbable block. By closing them, you will be able to get rare crafting materials as well as various interesting items such as enchantments. It can only be accessed when the water has been lowered a second time. Realm Tears are portals to another dimension which Kratos has to close. Odin’s Raven 2/2 : In the Light Elf Shore Hidden Chamber of Odin, on the south side of the arena of the Valkyrie. The trick is — you can only use them with a huge amount of Mist Echoes in your inventories. Defeat them to collect the reward. Once you get into the Alfheim realm during the story, row your boat toward the west shore of the great lake. During your adventure, you will often discover strange dimensional holes called Realm Tears. To reach … Enter the room and look above the doors to see Light Crystals. Realm Tear #1 ¶ Head to Alfheim Tower, northeast of Týr’s Temple and take the elevator to the top. In this zone you’ll see a number of chests that require Mist Echoes to open, anywhere from 2,500 to 7,500, and realm tears that require 10,000-20,000, which is the ultimate goal of this quest. Use the Leviathan axe to spin the gondolas to raise or lower them, creating a zipline for Kratos. It appears that realm tear enemies can sometimes be random, so what you might face during one attempt might change if you return later. Realm Tear 1 This Realm Tear is found on the Alfheim Tower - not to be confused with the Realm Tear … Alfheim (アルヴヘイム, Aruvuheimu?) It is also possible to receive Pure Essence of Realms. It’s going to take awhile. Free the crystal and put it in the nearby slot to summon the realm tear. Sometimes, when you attempt to close a tear, enemies will spawn. You must hit all 3 simultaneously. There are three realm tears in the center of the workshop. God of War (2018): All Realm Tears Locations | Dust of Realms Guide, God of War (2018): How To Beat Every Boss | Strategy Guide, God of War (2018): How To Fully Upgrade The Leviathan Axe | Level 6 Upgrade Guide, God of War (2018): How To Unlock Every Shortcut | Mystic Gateway Locations Guide, God of War (2018): All Artifacts Locations | Collectibles Guide, God of War (2018): ‘More Than A Myth’ Shrines & Marker Locations | Lore Guide, God of War (2018): How To Free All 3 Dragons | ‘Dangerous Skies’ Guide, God of War (2018): All 7 Hidden Chambers of Odin Locations Guide, God of War (2018): All Nornir Chest Locations & Solutions Guide, God of War (2018): Legendary Chests Locations | Runes Guide, God of War (2018): Unlock Witch Time & Improve Parry | Best Talismans Guide, God of War (2018): Language Cipher Chests Locations | ‘Trilingual’ Guide, God of War (2018): All 12 Treasure Maps & Digging Spots | Locations Guide, God of War (2018): All Odin’s Raven Locations | Collectibles Guide, Fortnite: Season 5 – Take A Visual Tour Of All The New Locations [GALLERY], Cyberpunk 2077 Cryptic Message Leaves Players Baffled, Just Cause Creator Has Opened Up A New AAA Game Studio, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Comes With Super Mario Odyssey At US Retailer, Amazon UK Seeks To Replace Missing PS5 Orders. Alfheim is one of the Nine Realms and the home of the Light Elves. User Info: ... i avoided those things from that point on, until i encountered one in alfheim, tried that one, and it was fairly easy. It is available practically the moment you reach the Lake of Nine, though it’s worth waiting until later in the game to attempt it. With all the realm tears closed, you’ll be one step closer to crossing all the collectibles off the list and getting that Platinum trophy.