Then it takes another 3-10 years to grow a beautiful head. Choose a location where you tree can easily be seen, so that you can enjoy it at any season. 4.5 out of 5 stars (17,285) 17,285 reviews Japanese Maples grow wild across the hills of Japan, Korea and into Mongolia and Russia too. It will grow into a cascading shrub just 5 feet tall but up to 8 feet across. They can be grown in the garden, in containers and of course they are ideal subjects for the ancient Japanese art of bonsai. List view. This tree is known for holding its red leaf-color through the summer better than any other form, even in shade, making it certainly the best choice for those locations. One of the most important things to remember is that Japanese maples do not like wet feet.

Japanese Maples are a diverse group of small to mid-sized deciduous trees renowned for their upright or weeping forms, architectural branching, attractive leaves and stunning fall foliage colours. Choose the location carefully when planting your tree. This delicate, shade loving tree can be planted in a natural grove of much larger trees to take advantage of the shelter the high canopy has to offer. It takes 3-10 years to grow the ordinary wild Japanese Maple, which is pruned, then grafted, with the weeping head. Cheap trees (around $20) are available at garden centers around the world, but availability of trees of higher quality is much more limited. This colorful maple tree is a sure way to add winter interest to your landscape. Crimson Queen: This is probably the top-pick of the red-leaved, weeping forms, growing into a large shrub ten feet tall and about the same across. Find My Store. In Japan bonsai trees are grown outdoors and only brought inside for short periods to admire them. Scarlett Princess Japanese Maple Live Tree NOT Seeds - A New Red Variety - Acer palmatum 'Scarlet Princess' - 1 - Year Live Tree 3.3 out of 5 stars 281 1 offer from $24.97 Growing trees in shadier locations and making sure they have sufficient water will normally prevent this problem in summer. The price of a Bonsai tree; what to look at. It has another unique quality that makes it very useful in colder areas. These trees can also be grown in full-sun and there they will develop a denser crown and often show stronger fall colors. Water trees in containers whenever the upper inch or so of the soil becomes dry. Winter in the garden can be boring, so a tree like this is just the thing to bring interest to the drabbest of seasons. Buy Japanese Maple Trees and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! However, the leaves are much smaller than on typical Maple trees and since many garden forms have deeply divided leaves they may not be immediately recognized as Maple trees. The green Japanese maple trees below are our suggested green Japanese maple trees to buy from our website. In the summer the leaves turn green so that, while the tree is still attractively shaped, it is much less striking color-wise. Attractive small tree. The foliage may be a restful green all summer, but in fall it lets loose with a riot of yellow, gold, orange and red that will rival the most colorful of fall trees. Leaves are typically green, red or yellow before they change colour in the fall. It takes 5-20 years to make a good weeping maple. Old, mature trees have a dignity and grandeur that cannot be beaten and they also become valuable assets. Add some bone-meal, rock phosphate or superphosphate to give good root growth. Green Cascade: The name says it all. So making a different choice from the main-stream will always bring something special and unique into your garden. 99 A good-size Japanese maple tree with multi-season appeal, 'Sango-kaku' (commonly called coral bark maple) features green leaves that turn brilliant yellow in fall. Mulch of a rich organic material should be put on over the whole root area after planting. Add soil as necessary. These boxes can fit two Japanese maples easily inside each box. *Japanese maples that have been stressed should be given Super Thrive at recommended doses from the bottle. In Japan, the green Japanese maple tree is in the highest demand. Growing well in sun and shade, for southern gardeners this is the tree of choice. For a young tree this does not have to be very large, but remember that smaller pots need more frequent watering, especially during the summer months.

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