In the same price range, the HyperX Cloud Alpha … The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas ($99.95 on Amazon) makes it official, though. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas headset is also included by 2 year manufacturer product coverage. This series includes Atlas One, Atlas Three, and Elite Atlas. (Image credit: HyperX) 7. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro Performance PC Gaming Headset Developed in partnership with some of the world’s top PC gaming organisations athletes and players, including championship-winning OpTic Gaming and Astralis teams, the Elite Atlas sets a new benchmark for esports audio on PC. Recently needed to replace my gaming headset below is my journey to picking the right headset for both my Xbox One and PC at under $150. Sennheiser GSP 300 5. The Atlas Edge is capable of providing the same high-quality features sported on the Elite Atlas Aero to other Turtle Beach headset models. HyperX outdid itself with HyperX Cloud Alpha, or “HyperX Cloud III,” as I’ve termed it in my head. Razer Kraken Pro V2 2. Best Wired Gaming Headset - HyperX Cloud Alpha vs Sennheiser Game One vs Turtle Beach Elite Atlas. Links to the latest deals are listed below. It's … Turtle Beach Stealth 700. Forza Horizon 5 Rumored to Release Next Year. The HyperX Cloud Alpha™ S builds upon the groundbreaking Cloud Alpha and features HyperX virtual 7.1 surround sound{{Footnote.N41306}}. Honestly, the battle between the HyperX Cloud II and the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas effectively comes down to aesthetics. If you've been looking to make the move to a wireless headset without breaking the bank, Turtle Beach has. The durable aluminum frame can take the rigors of daily play, and per player request, Cloud Alpha also features a tough, detachable braided cable. So HyperX Cloud II, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $180 LucidSound LS35X, as seen on the chart below. Forum; Windows Central Community; Windows Central News Discussion & Contests; Turtle Beach Elite Atlas vs. HyperX CloudX: Which headset should you buy? Sennheiser Game One / Sennheiser PC37x I have a slightly larger than normal head and ears that made looking for a new headset a little tougher than it already is. Turtle Beach's Elite line of gaming headsets have always been wired. Compare the best deals on Astro, Turtle Beach, HyperX, Logitech, Razer and more. Unlike the HyperX Cloud 2/Cloud II, the Alpha don't have shiny backplates on their ear cups that can get easily scratched up by regular use. Connect the mic into the headset. $119.95. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero was loved by reviewers at Laptop Mag, a highly trusted source that performs reliable in-depth testing. 1. Turtle Beach's Elite Atlas Aero headset is great for fans of headset customization, special features and top-tier sound quality. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas. Customers like HyperX Cloud Stinger way more HyperX Cloud Stinger, the cheaper option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Turtle Beach Elite Pro [4.3 vs 3.7 ]. Read PCWorld's review. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that HyperX Cloud II is a more popular headset, based on its 30,000+ reviews. ... HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro Gaming Headset Review . ... the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is a solid pick with its metal suspension headband … With the included audio control mixer, you can activate the surround sound and adjust the game audio and chat balance without having to go into any menus. … Gaming Laptops & More PC Hardware Sales Ranked by Save Bubble. In terms of style and sound for the money, the HyperX Cloud Alpha is … Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero: The best headset for PC gaming completely wire-free. Both the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero and the HyperX Cloud Flight S (2020) are great Gaming Headsets for people that are willing to spend around $140; it's impossible to go wrong with either option. ADVERTISEMENT. Let’s dig in. Playing with an aggressive style, k0nfig often switching roles as North’s AWPer and rifler. I don’t like most of Turtle Beach’s headsets, but the Elite Atlas is one of the few exceptions. Whether we're covering tech or software, we're here to help you choose. The Elite Atlas Pro is the most expensive of the bunch, though still under $100, even if barely ($99.95). Corsair HS50 4. View Deal. Headset: Kingston HyperX Cloud II Young and confident, the 20-year-old Danish CS:GO professional really came into his own last year when he emerged as the best player in North where he consistently put the entire team on his back.. The Atlas series is a collection of price-conscious wired headset designs that iterate and improve upon models that have succeeded in the past. Finally, the Elite Atlas goes wherever gaming takes you with included 3.5mm and PC-splitter cables that connect to any PC setup and also work great with Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas vs. HyperX CloudX: Which headset should you buy? Hyperx Cloud Alpha Pro Wired Gaming Headset $70 $100. This is a PC-first headset, even if that’s mostly a marketing bulletpoint. Black Friday sales researchers at Save Bubble have identified the best gaming headset deals for Black Friday 2020, including all the top sales on Astro, Turtle Beach, HyperX & more Black Friday PC, PS4 & Xbox gaming headset deals are underway. The Cloud Alpha headset builds upon HyperX’s foundation of signature award-winning comfort with premium red memory foam, expanded headband and softer, more pliable leatherette. If you are having issues setting up your Elite Atlas for use with a PC, please review the following: 1. Read our full Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero review. $149.99. Find replacement parts for your favorite Turtle Beach Gaming Headset. See all prices. Make sure the keyed parts of the mic and the jack on the headset are lined … GAMING GALORE Home; Gaming News. ... HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset. HyperX Cloud Alpha S Blackout: A great all-rounder at an attractive price. HyperX Cloud Alpha. For close to 100 USD you might be able to get a very hot deal for say, the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas headset. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking HyperX Cloud Stinger is more popular Amazon. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero is the ultimate high-performance wireless headset for PC gamers and streamers alike. Overall, while they feel very durable and well-built, they don't look quite as premium as the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas or the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless . Free shipping on orders over $39! HyperX CloudX Like a cloud … Please note that in some cases, the serial number may not begin with "S/N:" but will be located under the QR Code. The HyperX Cloud Alpha feels remarkably premium for a $99 headset, offering great sound and supremely comfortable ear cups within an attractive, sturdy … The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas is the $99 flagship of the new Atlas lineup. Whether dominating the battlefield, streaming your favorite game, or simply just enjoying content, Elite Atlas Aero is built for the complete wireless PC audio experience providing a vast, customizable sound-stage. While HyperX offers choice in multiple price tiers and different feature sets, the flagship wired model, the Cloud Alpha S, is the best in its class. Forgive the long detailed opinion but hope this helps someone in the same position. Cloud Alpha VS Elite Atlas. Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke. 1. Exception: Elite Atlas is located on the Right side of the headband, under the QR Code. Kingston HyperX Cloud Alpha 6. The Turtle Beach® Elite Atlas PC gaming headset brings esports performance and ultimate comfort to every game, match or battle. Monday, November 30, 2020. We've used both the HyperX CloudX and Turtle Beach Elite Atlas for several months apiece to bring you this guide. Turtle Beach's Elite line of gaming headsets have always been wired. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas 3. Mic and Headset are Securely Plugged In/Mic is Unmuted. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero. The Turtle Beach Elite Atlas offers a solid sound, no-nonsense design and a reasonable price — no convoluted setup required. In our awesomeness score HyperX Cloud Stinger ranks #36 out of 235 and Turtle Beach Elite Pro ranks #128 out of 235.