Lefse Stick. It is cooked on a large, flat griddle.Special tools are used to prepare lefse, including long wooden turning sticks and special rolling pins with deep grooves. Go under the rolled circle with a lefse stick, loosen from the board, then fold out onto the dry lefse griddle. Special tools are used to prepare lefse, including long wooden turning sticks and special rolling pins with deep grooves. I didn’t have a lefse stick so instead I just rolled out the dough between two pieces of parchment paper and then flipped the dough onto the griddle, slowing peeling away the top piece of parchment paper. Stack them on a plate or towel, and continue with the next lefse. If it's too sticky, add more flour. Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread made using potatoes. It is cooked on a griddle. You may need to do multiple batches if you are using a smaller pot. Place the end of the lefse on the grill. *From the … If using a dry potato, less flour is needed and results in a better lefse. Divide the dough and cut into 10-15 pieces and shape them into balls. Remove the cooked lefse to a plate lined with a damp clean cloth to cool. More on that later. Items you may want to invest in for lefse making: Electric Lefse Griddle, Pastry Board and 3-4 Pastry Cloth Covers, Corrugated Rolling Pin and 3-4 Rolling Pin Covers, Lefse Stick, Potato Ricer, Flour Dredger/Shaker. Our most popular lefse turning stick and preferred in our Lefse Time kitchen. Get our cookbook, free, when you sign up for our newsletter. Just add enough for the dough not to stick to the table. Slowly roll the stick the rest of the way so the lefse comes off the stick completely. There are many regional variations of Norwegian lefse, but almost all of them are flatbreads. The griddle should have a temperature of 200°C (400°F). Run hot potatoes through a potato ricer. We have found that the extra width is a bit more user friendly. The story of lefse is intertwined with Norwegian history. Lefse is a traditional soft flatbread from Norway which is typically eaten around Christmas. Lefse can also be frozen for up to six months. Using your lefse stick transfer the lefse to your griddle. Place the lefse on a damp towel to cool slightly and then cover with a damp towel until ready to serve. Some people use them to slide the thin wooden stick under the Lefse to turn it over or to slide the Lefse onto the grill. Bethany Housewares Inc also manufactures many items used in the process of making lefse. Drain the boiled potatoes well, then place them in the warm oven for 15 minutes to dry them further. Lefse is a type of Norwegian flatbread that is often (but not always) made with potatoes, flour, butter, and milk. Please call Stacy at 715-597-3765 if you need it sooner. The history of lefse. There are lefse turning sticks, and then there is this magnificent, made-for-serious-lefse-makers tool with a ergonomic handle. Prepared and eaten at holiday gatherings, the tender bread requires finesse, experience, and many hands on deck to make properly. Continue to cook the remaining lefse. We'll pretty much stick to lefse in this article. Have you tried this traditional lefse recipe? Boil them until they are fork-tender. The dough should be a little sticky, but not too much. Pinch off pieces of dough the size of a biscuit and form into balls. Carefully lift the circle with a lefse stick or the handle of a flat wooden spatula or spoon and transfer it quickly to the griddle. Lefse can be filled with savory fillings like. Place into a large bowl. Cook for 1 minute or until small bubbles appear on the uncooked side, use the thin spatula or lefse stick and flip them. I’ve included two different lefse recipes in this post. Depending on your attention span and level of commitment, you may want to adjust your quantity accordingly! Beloved by Norwegians everywhere, this traditional flatbread is a mainstay similar to a thick crêpe (or thin pancake). It looks like a crepe, but tastes like a buttered baked potato. Use a thin spatula, preferably a lefse stick when cooking on the griddle or pan. Preheat the oven to 175 F. Peel the potatoes, making sure that no peels or eyes remain. Cook for another 30-45 seconds on the other side. ♦ Due to postal hours and shipping times, we only ship lefse Mondays and Saturdays to sure prompt fresh delivery. Lefse is also eaten together with lutefisk, where the fish is rolled up inside the lefse. Furthermore, some variations can be savory with meat fillings. Gently push the stick down as you put it under the thin lefse. In a stockpot, bring water to a boil and add the potatoes. The griddle should have a temperature of 200°C (400°F). Lefse is a Norwegian flatbread made with potatoes, cream, and a whole lot of care. Potato lefse can be served with both sweet or savory fillings, including butter and brown sugar or jam, and they can also be … It’s basically a potato pancake, and it’s best served with some butter and sugar. Make a breakfast lefse with scrambled eggs and bacon. What Is A Lefse Stick? Allow them to come to room temperature and reheat before serving. Lefse (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈlɛ̀fsə]) is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread.It is made with potatoes (often, but not always), flour, butter, and milk or cream. Cities and towns in the US with a large Norwegian population also have so-called Lefse Festivals. Remove the potatoes from oven and pass the potatoes through a ricer. Still today, American Norwegians will prepare and eat lefse on holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving. Preheat a lefse griddle or cast iron griddle to 425 F. Use a pastry blender to cut the flour into the chilled potatoes. Depending on the variety, the lefse can be eaten an alternative to bread or as a sweet pastry with coffee. ", (Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. The cherry handle feels so good you may not want to put down this lefse stick, and the maple blade with the beveled front edge is firm, flexible, and fantastic for flipping rounds. While in Norway lefse was traditionally made from any of a variety of flours, when brought to America it became strictly potato-based — because potatoes are what most Norwegian immigrants were able to grow quickly and successfully here. Boil the potatoes for 15-20 minutes, until tender. Lefse are also traditionally made using a lefse stick that is long and flat and an be used to shimmy the dough to and from the griddle you are cooking on. Bring a large stock pot full of water to a boil. Which European country will inspire your culinary journey tonight? Coarsely chop them into 1-inch pieces.Â. A thin spatula, preferable a lefse stick is needed to flip and move them. Feel free to be creative with this flatbread. Wood Lefse Turning Stick, Norwegian Folk Art piece, heirloom piece. Beat butter, cream, salt, and sugar into the hot riced potatoes. Fry the Lefse in a frying pan or on a "takke" specially made for Lefse. Cook for … If you are storing the lefse, after it has cooled fold it in quarters and place 8-10 sheets into a 1 gallon freezer bag. A quick note on language: when writing in Norwegian, lefse is singular, lefser is plural. What is Lefse? When the stick is near the center, pick up the lefse and put it on the hot grill by placing the dangling end on one side of the grill and unwrapping the lefse toward the other. The Lefse Grill is offered in 2 finishes, the traditional satin finish and the non stick finish. They are a thin crafted piece of wood about 7/8″ by 24″ in length called a Scandinavian turning stick. Lefse is a traditional holiday food among Norwegian-Americans in the U.S., so you might include it on the menu if you are entertaining guests for Christmas. Smear them with cream cheese and add deli meats or leftover cooked meat for a rollup. When you are selecting your potatoes to make lefse, ensure to use the driest, mealiest potatoes you can find. In Fargo, North Dakota, each year a popular Lutefisk and Lefse Festival is held in August. The process for rolling and grilling the lefse is the same for both the traditional and instant recipes. Bake for about 1 minute until bubbles appear on the top side and brown spots underneath. A long spatula like that shown in the video is excellent for turning the lefse over whilst cooking. It’s name is derived from it’s greatest contribution to the original family living here; it provided fire wood for the iron cook stove which burned at a perfect temperature and rate to fry perfect lefse! Want to know more about the Norwegian Lefse? A potato ricer is needed for this lefse recipe as well as a rolling pin, preferably a traditional lefse rolling pin which has 1/8 inch (3 mm) wide grooves carved into the surface. Using a lefse stick or a long flat stick or long thin spatula roll the raw lefse around the stick and then unroll onto a HOT griddle (450 degrees) Flip once the first side starts to form bubbles and is … Flip, using the lefse stick, and bake for another 30 seconds to 1 minute or so until brown spots appear underneath at well. Lefse Turning Stick. Divide the dough into small balls and bake out each ball on the table and roll with a rolling stick until the dough is about 3 mm thick. Well over 100 years old, this crab apple tree planted on the original homestead still survives, despite severe storm damage. Cook on the griddle until bubbles form and each side has browned. Cover potatoes with water and cook until tender. Smaller size lefse will be easier to roll out and handle. Lefse is a flatbread from Norway that is typically made with flour, potatoes, butter, and milk or cream. With that said, it’s still very traditional and Norwegian settlers even brought it to America during the mass emigration. ♦ Lefse is shipped Priority mail via USPS and will arrive in 3-4 days depending on location. Lefse (Norwegian pronunciation: [ˈlɛfsə]) is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread. Use a lefse rolling pin and roll out the lefse balls until they are thin. Roll out each piece into a 12-inch circle, dusting with more flour as needed. To freeze them, fold the cooled lefse into quarters, place them in zip-top freezer bags, and freeze. $ 21.00. Flip the edge over the lefse stick. Bethany Housewares Inc is a leading manufacturer of Scandinavian/Norwegian cookware and for over 50 years, has produced “The Original Lefse Grill”. Personally, I like it best with just some butter or jam. This Lefse recipe is very simple and makes 8 large lefse or 16 smaller ones. Swedish Chocolate Balls – Traditional Recipe, Danish Chicken and Asparagus Tartlets – Tarteletter Recipe, Plokkfiskur Recipe – Traditional Icelandic Fish Stew, Buddha’s Hand: Facts, Photos and Ways to use the fruit, Jackfruit – What it is and how to eat the fruit, Dutch Cheese – An introduction to the most popular varieties. The lefse stick hangs nearby. Tapered edges slides easily under lefse for transfer from pastry cloth to grill. Lefse is a traditional holiday food among Norwegian-Americans in the U.S., so you might include it on the menu if you are entertaining guests for Christmas. When you are ready to use them, remove them from the freezer and put them on a plate lined with paper towels. Use the Lefse turning stick to flip the lefse round and bake both sides to a light very golden brown. It is made with leftover potatoes, flour, butter, and milk or cream. Dec 12, 2017 - Explore Christy Hayes's board "Lefse", followed by 196 people on Pinterest. Flour a pastry cloth or board and rolling pin. Perhaps no food is more beloved by Norwegians than potato lefse. Lefse originally comes from Norway. Lefse is a Norwegian flat bread, prepared on special griddles and turned with a long lefse stick. Freelance food writer who specializes in Scandinavian cuisine and is the author of "The Everything Nordic Cookbook. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Use your stick and gently slide it underneath the center of the rolled out disk. You will have to make smaller lefse disks to fit your baking surface and that's OK. In Fosston, Minnesota, there’s even a yearly contest at the Lefse Fest in November. An ice-cream scoop works well for this. A griddle is recommended for cooking but it works well in a non-stick pan as well. Cover with another damp cloth. See more ideas about norwegian food, scandinavian food, norwegian christmas. The Norwegian Lefse can be eaten on its own with butter and sugar. You can bake them without a griddle - use a large cast-iron frying pan instead. Additional toppings such as jam, cinnamon, lingonberries, honey, and syrup can be added as well. However, you can also add fillings or put jam on your lefse as well as cinnamon or lingonberries. Cook for about 1-2 minutes on each side. It has been made for centuries, and it's quite easy to make at home. Makes: 8 large lefse. ), 9 Sweet Norwegian Desserts That Will Make You Say"Veldig Deilig", Gluten-Free Traditional Scandinavian Lefse, How to Make Poori (Fried Indian Flatbread). Enjoy them like a crepe with jam, Nutella, or cranberry sauce. This will help prevent the stick from ripping the lefse. Some rumors say that lefse was made by the Vikings, but that is not correct since potatoes didn’t arrive here until 1750. Buy Scandinavian gifts, including Norwegian coffee mugs, rosemaled china, Here’s a traditional lefse recipe as well as more information about the Norwegian flatbread and its history. Use lefse stick to pick up lefse. But, much like making homemade tortillas, the time and effort is worth it. Lefse has a taste of potato with a slight salty and sweet flavor. Norwegian-American variations may add peanut butter, corn syrup or ham and eggs. At the very least Thanksgiving and Christmas. And lefse is a must-have at our holiday table. Leave a comment below! I’m showing the instant version of making the dough. Gather the ingredients. It can be a family project, much like tamale-making, with different family members involved in rolling out the dough and cooking on the griddle. Traditionally, it's eaten around Christmas time. If you try and move your rolled out lefse from the rolling board to the lefse grill by hand, it is likely you will end up with a mess. Add flour to the bowl and mix well. Use a thin spatula, preferably a lefse stick when cooking on the griddle or pan. Cut your peeled potatoes 2-3 pieces depending on size and cook until they are tender. ... That way the dough doesn't stick. Mix in the heavy cream (or evaporated milk), butter, sugar, and salt. Prepared on special lefse griddles and turned with a long lefse stick, this paper-thin potato bread is best served warm with butter and sugar. The Norwegian lefse recipe below for 5 lbs of potatoes makes about 40 sheets of lefse and takes me about 2 hours to roll and cook. Uffda! You may have seen these online. Request a custom product Request a custom product Similar items on Etsy (Results include Ads Etsy sellers promote their items through our paid advertising platform alongside organic search results. Roll the stick toward the center of the lefse.