has finally added a category for Mr. Sunshine as well - … Eugene says he will be staying at Hwawollu and tells Dong mae to ask him if he is in need of anything. I've tried to get some screen captures and he literally is moving so fast in every frame it's a blur. We can get them all in 3 days. The protesters in Gwangju were being killed. Mr. Sunshine: Episode 19 by dramallama. A voiceover says that the dozens of dismissed soldiers are gathered by the hut. In the year 2007, Hui Jae is staring at the snow fall outside the widow from his cell. Great pathos there. Gwan su thrashes him saying he has sold their country. Ae shin says that she has had this dream so many times that she won’t fall for it again. Choon-shik proudly opens up a closet full of art from famous painters, except they’re all forged paintings that he copied with his artistry. He was a man whom his grandfather hand wronged. The nurse's reaction echoing our disgust from seeing the Japanese cruelty to her patients resonates. He asks if she will be okay and he says he will handle it if she isn’t. Hina gasps for air, and with her last breath, she says that she’ll be waiting for him. The man asks if he should help the Japanese instead. Two Japanese soldiers locate the dismissed soldiers travelling with some civilians. I wish all the nurses left the hospital, so there would be no one to save the Japanese soldiers. It was juste like their relationship :). Maybe Bridal Mask. She was with her one true love and he comforted her all the way until her end. It's too late for him to realize the gem who was always there for him. She’s happy to see him. There were many examples of commoners fighting back against the Japanese or the traitors even when Ae-Shin was not present. Inside the hotel, Il-shik holds the bundle of dynamite fuses and urgently tries to light the matchstick at Choon-shik’s notice of approaching footsteps, but all the matchsticks fail to catch fire. As the day breaks, the rickshaw goes through the streets. She says that her body is a wreck and Dong mae has tears in his eyes as he says that she is still beautiful. Speaking of Hee-sung, he truly came into his own as a photojournalist who never gave up, and as protector of Seamstress and her little brother. He says that the suit costs more than three times the colonel’s salary. Hina Kudo stood out in this episode. But Hina responds with clarity about her inevitable death, as she can feel that her entire body has been destroyed. ;-). MR. SUNSHINE KDRAMA LIVE RECAP EPISODE 20 ————-#1 OPENING Eugene walks up the bridge and decks Mori. Everyone, from the nobles to the servants, all want to fight. Well said! Mr. Sunshine episode 24 was the calm after many aggressive storms, tying up all of the characters’ journeys after an exhausting timeline of distress in Joseon.The finale leaves you to feel heartbroken but reflective at the same time – not all stories have happy endings. So important that he is willing to pay with his life in 10 days’ time. We are almost there.” Hina’s remaining shoe falls on the beach into the waves as Dong mae walks away. She says she is glad that Dong-mae came back alive. Meanwhile, at Jingogae, the baker watches a Japanese man beat up a Joseon man. It was the local police who arrested a lot of Jews and sent them to the concentration camps. Choon-sik opens their shop to show a collection of paintings by Sin-Yun-Bok and Hong Do which he has copied. Just keep me alive. Dong-mae and Eugene search through the burning rubble for our two heroines, and they find Hina under a door. Hee-sung asks in frustration about their motivations and why they would put themselves in danger. Eugene asks, “What about me?”. She says that is how it is going to be. Wow. I have many thoughts for the last 2 episodes but I’m waiting until the next recap is posted. At the tailor shop, the head tailor slaps the assistant boy for helping Dong mae and Hina. KMJ as HN is just awesome! Gwan-soo writes a letter to Kyle, updating him about Domi and asking whether Eugene is alive. Watch it and enjoy the well done heartbreak. Then, the troops disperse to find the carriage. The plot finally thickens, and the relationships in our love pentagon get a little more complicated. I think I can only pray for you, Dongmae. Seung-gu’s body lies alone in the corner of the street. stop. Hina sends off her last two hotel workers with money and urges them to escape far from the hotel without looking back. I hope the one that truly engages doesn't come too soon. Deok mun says that they couldn’t have gone far and the footprints are there. I wish Aeshins maid and servant could have held hands for at least a second. The gunshot alarms Dong-mae and Eugene, who had been searching for Ae-shin among the corpses, and they run toward the hotel. But DM gets distracted by AS’s dress. Eugene strokes her cheek as tears streak down his face. I loved the child part of Inspiring Generation. I’m glad they rewarded us loyal viewers who stuck it out until the very end. Kim Hee Sung (Byun Yo Han) claims it is an honor to take the picture of the current Korean ministers many who are traitors. II-sik and Choon –sik lead the way and Eun san brings up the rear. The moment he realised it was him she talked about, I can see his disbelief, his regret. Eugene finds Ae-shin unconscious in the corner and he lifts her and carries her out as the Hotel explodes again. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Mr. Sunshine episode 23 shows the tragic consequences of Joseon’s shortlived revenge, as the Japanese army responds with violence and brutality. That is how I will die.”. They say Hui Seung will have a tough time without them. And the servants... the killings are just too cruel to watch. Dong mae smiles and says that Eugene knows everything about him. Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) stares at him like he’s a ghost. Till the next one. Premiere Watch: Your House Helper, Mr. Sunshine, The epic battle for Joseon in tvN’s Mr. Sunshine, Lee Byung-heon’s period drama Mr. Sunshine gets delayed, Period drama Mr. Sunshine secures slot on tvN’s early 2018 schedule, Byun Yo-han added to Mr. Sunshine’s star lineup, Yoo Yeon-seok joins Mr. Sunshine as tragic second lead, Film ingenue Kim Tae-ri cast opposite Lee Byung-heon for Mr. Sunshine, Lee Byung-heon makes drama comeback with Goblin writer’s Mr. Sunshine, Goblin writer Kim Eun-sook returns with period drama Mr. Sunshine, Goblin writer Kim Eun-sook discusses her next project. At the hospital, a Joseon woman brings her child who got shot in the street. Eugene realises that Hina is dead as he takes Dong mae’s hand. Eugene asks to see the owner and Deok mun says that he is the owner. Of the three men, Hee-sung is the only one would I’d identify as a Righteous Army comrade now. She deserved all the screen space that she was given in this episode and she died a selfless and righteous death. Both Dong-mae and Eugene have a history of shielding the underdog and powerless and fighting against abusers of authority. Sigh! So they weren't just flirting. Eugene and Dong-mae only seem motivated by the people they love, while Hee-sung seems actively invested in using his name to protect the Joseon people. Yes it will take a long time for us to get over Dongmae, why does Yoo Yeonseok keep breaking our hearts. mr sunshine episode 23. As Hee-sung walks among the corpses, he recognizes a face — the man whose land Hee-sung’s grandfather unfairly sold to buy Hee-sung his expensive pocket watch. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. When she enters the room, she’s grabbed by Ae-shin, who asks if Hina really plans to blow up her entire hotel. A tough show to finish up but an important one. She asks Su-mi to run away as far as she can and asks her to stay alive. She says Joseon is like hell. She says that it is for a very dark one and wonders if ‘he’ will come to see it. Dong mae freezes for a moment and he calls her using her Korean name “Yang Hwa”. Go Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) stares at him in shock. The blacksmith says that their comrades will be here soon. She plans on staying, since her absence will spark suspicion. Ae-shin says that even if they die today, none of the Japanese soldiers will get out of here alive. That man who only loved Go Ae-shin, who was a fool in love — I waited for him.”. It looks clean as if it has been maintained (by Hina who had bought it). The nurse nods in agreement. So the taxi driver's helped a German journalist who filmed and reported on the Gwangju massacre. Kim Min Jung stole the show and I could. The earlier "shot heard round the world" for self-determination and freedom from foreign oppression continued to reverberate from the muzzle of Ae-shin's sniper rifle. I really like Hina's bravery and courage. Ae Shin wasted a bullet on the fuse when the Righteous Army is low on bullets. We see the letter Hina had given Su-mi. Very aware of his situation and smart enough to use it to his advantage. He asks Eugene not to worry and leave. He adds that Dong mae caused a bloodbath at the training centre. Gwan su breaks down into tears and hugs him. Ae-shin asks who is behind this idea. Hina watches this and hears the calling bell from room 304 (Eugene’s Room). The historical background was the most fascinating aspect of this show. As they watched barrels of alcohol arrive at the hotel, Hina told Hee-sung to stay away from the hotel the next day and take any valuables with him. The Japanese interpreter seems uneasy hearing this. The part that broke my heart the most was the King having the New York Times read to him: Duk-moon dismisses this myth, but a worker confirms that Dong-mae just caused major bloodshed in Jingogae. Then the last two episodes will pack in what could have been incorporated throughout the series. Little scenes noted in this recap aren't so little in their impact. She cries in agony. He says that the Righteous Army fights to protect their country with their lives. The soldier looks behind the nurse and asks who the person is. Ae-shin loses consciousness again. Eugene clarifies that he’s still on his way, and he assists the injured soldier out of the volatile hospital. She was indeed a lady. Alternatively, it was literally "the shoe drops." The nurse finds Japanese soldiers there. As they’re wheeled away, Ae-shin wakes up and recognizes the burn scar on the hand of the corpse wheeled next to her — it’s Seung-gu. Mr Sunshine Episode 24 Recap (Series Finale). Eugene Choi (Lee Byung Hun) pulls the list of rebels… Later on, Eugene dresses Ae-shin’s wound and she slowly comes around. I was ok with KMJ in MxM but i prefer her in this. Il-shik says that he couldn’t eat properly knowing that he’s doing nothing for the cause. Hina's confession and her inevitable death is so heartbreaking. Gwan Su reads that there is a Car race from New York to Paris. Hui Seung says, “Don’t worry about me. Kim Tae Ri's sobbing is gut-wrenching. Dong-mae’s next stop is the dojo, where he confronts the Musin warriors to reclaim what was his. He comes forward and takes the rifle from her. I really love Dongmae and I’m sad that he’s planning to die in 10 days or less. Hina struggles to breath and asks Dong-mae to take her to her mother. She had her death planned smoothly but hadn’t expected to see Dong mae before she died. Synopsis of Mr. Sunshine Ep 23. Il-shik bravely agrees to find the necessary explosives for her. It seemed to me as if the writer and director were now strongly downplaying the romance to re-focus the audience on the Japanese oppression of Joseon. All of us, each in their own way, were living through the rapidly changing Joseon.". the floodgate is wide OPEN!!! A Japanese soldier approaches Eugene from behind, but a Joseon soldier shoots the enemy in Eugene’s defense. There’s one more thing she wants…explosives. I was more impressed by the fact she was still wearing her second shoe. She always takes care of her own. We can assume that the nuns buried Hina there. MR. SUNSHINE LIVE RECAP EPISODE 6 ————-#1 OPENING Rewind to the end of the last episode when all of the things fell on the ground. The last 3/4 episodes have been a rollercoaster ride indeed. Hui Seung remembers his conversation with Hina the previous day. Eun-san explains that for every addition to the Righteous Army, their enemies add ten, but those ten will easily crumble. }; I can recognize the "Spirit of '76" when I see it, and so could Eugene Choi, although as a now-foreigner he could not directly participate. MR. SUNSHINE KDRAMA LIVE RECAP EPISODE 23 ————-#1 OPENING Heena goes to a painting store and asks for any normal painting. Hui Seung covers the entire incident (Japanese soldiers killing Korean soldiers) by clicking photographs using his camera (which Eugene had sent). Eun-san walks up to it and puts his hand over Seung-gu’s. Mori says that he answered his own question. She needs opium. She says its too dangerous in Joseon now and he says that he had no choice but to return. In the streets, Joseon soldiers hide as the Japanese soldiers hunt them down. Teddy Roosevelt assigns them to help in the Asian trade routes. More shots fire, hitting the maid and the servant, who both fall to the ground. Pick it up! Eugene says that he knows Eun san is glad he is back. Hee Na states she wants to blow up her hotel.… (I totally did not recognize her from earlier roles in THE BEST / ZZANG, FLYING BOYS, and as the female lead in STRIKE LOVE, the only other productions I've seen her in to date.) Jae Yi in the voice over says that 12 years have passed. I mean it's fine that she survived, but killing my girl Hina! Their differing stations in life paralleled the gap between Ae-shin and Eugene, but with an expatriate Japanese twist that they shared with Hee-sung. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Like I said on the fan wall, I think they could have done 16 episodes and it wouldn’t have dragged so much. He says this shows he treated her wound pretty well. Mr. Sunshine Episode 5 Recap Korea, 1902. Watching it in that perspective in mind finally let me start watching the final two eps, but man, I’m still bracing myself for it. Dong mae kills the last of the men, “It would only take ten days.”, Dong mae’s blood pours on the floor as he says, “Ten Days. Deok mun translates for Hasegawa and also offers to identify Ae-shin and the others. Thank you Ana for letting us know that it actually would not air until this week!) He asks why she had asked him not to return and she starts to cry again. he says he is a guest at the hotel. Hee-sung remembers the man’s indignant confrontation and closes the man’s eyes to let him rest in peace. Hasegawa orders his men to kill the man. Now I just feel upset - that doesn't make any sense. Ae Shin asks why he’s there. I`m too emotionally drained to even comment here.. Eugene hands the rifle to her and says that her target is Lee Deok mun. This man definitely loves and care for HN for sure. Dong-mae and Eugene watch in shock as the hotel bursts into flames, and the force of the explosion catapults the women into the air. I appreciate the long ramp to get to this place known as 'sad ending'. Ae-shin says that she now knows that though they have different purposes they want the same thing. Eugene says that it’s not possible because he just met with Gu Dong mae. I'm sure you guys will have suggestions. Dang. They know that the Joseon social structure is flawed but the Japanese occupation is worse. Don't leave evidence behind!" Deok mun says that Ae-shin will be using a palanquin. Eugene puts his pistol in the Japanese soldier’s hand. Choon-shik proudly opens up a closet full of art from famous painters, except they’re all forged paintings that he copied with his artistry. Hope the cast recover from this as well. - Scandal has ditzy moments that make it hard to take seriously. Hee-sung explains that the police will search for the source of the dynamite and warns Il-shik and Choon-shik to run away. October 1, 2018 at 9:27 AM. Gojong meets with Ito Hirobumi and shows him the statement. By the way, I am writing this letter to you since I don’t know whether Eugene Choi is alive or not.”, Gwan su wonders if Eugene is alive or not. Mr Haengrang and Ms Haman walk in the street. Hee-sung sends her home to her other younger sibling and hands her the camera, promising to find Joon-young for her. Choon-sik and ll-Sik put up a mourning sign outside their shop. Hina and Dong-mae’s interactions always blurred the line between friends and lovers, as they were kindred souls that knew each other’s deep anguish. He sighs as he realizes their sacrifice. Hasegawa and Deok mun reach the hut, only to find it already empty. He adds that Eugene needs no company, just food and a room. He sternly forbids Ito not to call Joseon people as mob and searching them without consent. That is democracy. Ae-shin quickly orders the pawnshop duo to escape and takes the responsibility of lighting the fuses. She finds Choon-ik and II-sik already there. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Ae-shin says that she heard Hina died. Deok mun brushes it off saying it must be some missionary. They decide to share their last words, and a carriage bearer shares that he always wanted to yell a summoning like a noble. Her servant admits that he regrets not holding the maid’s hand before they go, and the carriage bearers lightheartedly tease them to hold hands now before it’s too late. Soomi successfully delivers Hina’s letter to overthrown Emperor Gojong, and he reads it with tears welling in his eyes. Then, the emperor asks if he’s heard from Eugene, who must have fulfilled his three-year sentence by now, and simply wishes for him to be alive. Hui Seung says it sounds like she is going somewhere far away. *puts on list*. They hear footsteps and II-sik tries to light it in haste but the matches don’t light up. I’ll wait for you.” Dong mae replies, “It won’t snow for a long while.” Hina slowly says, “Right, so you should keep living for that long while.” She starts to choke lightly as she says, “Don’t hurry to see me… I won’t be waiting for you there.” Her head slides off Dong mae’s shoulder and her body goes limp. He couldn’t read Eugene’s name written in English, but he wrote the rest of the Righteous Army comrades’ names. Eun-san continues: “Traitors don’t risk their lives to sell their country while we risk our lives to protect.” Eugene solemnly lets those words sink, and we see the montage of Righteous Army comrades who’ve risked their lives to protect their country: Ae-shin’s parents, Seung-gu’s father, the innkeeper, Seung-gu, Ae-shin, and Hina. One of those ten, the Joseon interpreter for the Japanese forces, sees the Righteous Army sketches and repeats a Japanese proverb: “If you eat poison, might as well eat the plate.” He takes down the sketches and enters Hwawollu. Unrealistic. But it was so real, and I liked that it was not romanticized, that they died without fulfilling their dying wishes. Inside the Hotel, II-sik nervously holds the fuse in his hand and Choon-sik has the pocket watch in his hand. Every character in this show matters. Hui Seung’s clutches his wounded arm and searches for Joon Young among the dead. Ms Haman’s limp form is the last sight he sees before he dies. Hui Seung asks why they got involved. Hasegawa orders his soldiers to leave and kills the old man before leaving with Deok mun. The nurse was fantastic. The nurse comrade tries to make room among the injured Japanese soldiers, but a Japanese guard shoots the child dead. He says they cook once a day so that the smoke doesn’t attract attention. Eugene says that she said she is glad Dong mae is back alive. Eun san sees Eugene watching from the rooftop and both of them nod at each other in acknowledgement. Dong mae says that he is here on her behalf. Mr Haengrang tries to lighten up her mood as they walk along. Dong mae is grief-stricken as he stands in his room. Then he will wait for Musin Society to come from Japan and kill him. Stunned, Il Sik asks what the explosives will be used for. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page "What does the Musin Society teach their members? Il Shik: "The people of Joseon." Hui Seung listens to the conversation as the man says Hina wouldn’t have gotten far. Al the traitors are present and Lee Ji Yong (among the officials) says that the photographer is the grandson of Kim-Hyeon Seob, a former minister at… Mr. Sunshine Korean TV Shows A young boy who ends up in the U.S. after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo incident returns to Korea at a historical turning point and falls for a noblewoman. And those sweet, sweet servant folks. Hasegawa is now furious at Deok mun who told him that the man is deaf and mute. Ito asks for the list. Gwan Su says that he will contact Kyle in Japan and get back with an update. Gwan su says that Eugene is always going somewhere so he thought Eugene ended up there (points to the sky). Ae-shin shoots him down and tells Hina that they should hurry as she already lit the fuse. Everyone is shocked and his father turns away in disbelief. She rushes over and hugs him tight. Before Dong-mae leaves, Eugene offers his help and tells Dong-mae to find him at Hwawollu. for Hui sung, I would wait for the 24th recap. My take on Dong-mae's resolution to die with his boots on in 10 days struck me as a brutally realistic assessment of his fate after wiping out the Mushin Society detachment that had taken over his territory. or They try to act innocent but Hui Seung says that they should hide because Japanese police will open an investigation. The boy shares that he “shot” two Japanese soldiers on their way to the hideout, and that intel prompts the hideout residents to plan their escape. So the basic gist of what I get from the comments online in the K-community is that Ae-Shin “symbolises” Joseon, and the sacrifices all the other characters make “for” her reflect the many, many choices and acts of bravery by people all over Joseon, from the soldiers, commoners, and to of course, the wealthy, made to keep her alive and safe. Watching all the lovely costumes and photography on my big screen TV. Eugene tells the nurse that another scuffle broke out everyone killed each other. But I don't really remember of the rest :p. There are two other dramas set a bit earlier than this one, but depicting the tensions of Western countries & Japan descending after the opening of Korea. He warns both Deok mun and Hasagawa that their lives won’t be spared if they make him feel humiliated in front of Gojong. Hasegawa points his gun at Deok mun and is furious. He apologises, as he didn’t expect the disbandment to cause a stir. Gwan-soo offers to ask about Eugene through Kyle, who’s serving in Japan. I'll discuss more on this in the next ep's recap.