The handle of the Ripple is either made of 420J2 stainless steel (the framelock version) or aluminum (the linerlock version – shown here). So I sent it back and they suggested the Ripple… In reality I have bought 2 Ripples, due to losing one a few years ago. I need to get one of these more inexpensive versions of the knife, take some high res photos and publish a video review. These stainless steel handle versions ride low profile due to the considerate clip position and are designed to be used as an everyday carry pocket knife. CRKT Ripple Review. Het lemmet is gemaakt van 8Cr14MoV roestvrij staal. is uw webshop als het gaat om messen, van keukenmes tot zakmes. De Ripple is verkrijgbaar in acht varianten. Very interesting Rob! Thanks for the input Matt, I agree the IKBS should hold up alright under normal use. In deze review bespreken we de grote versie van de Ripple Aluminium. This is a thin metal handle so logic would suggest that this won’t be the most comfortable knife. It’s on par with AUS-8, but below VG-10 and 154CM in the steel hierarchy. He is recognized as an authority on daily carry knives and has consulted with knife companies on product design. As I’ve said, this is quite a bit larger than it looks, and while specifications don’t lie, those numbers mean this knife should be categorized as a medium-sized everyday carry, though it looks and feels like a much smaller knife. There are no thumb studs. Tot slot zijn de topjes van de ribbels gepolijst, om een gedragen uiterlijk te creëren. CRKT Ripple Aluminum Met trots presenteert CRKT hun nieuwe Aluminium Ripple zakmes. Deze staalsoort wordt samen met 8Cr13MoV veel gebruikt bij scherp geprijsde zakmessen, omdat het een uitstekende prijs-/kwaliteitverhouding biedt. It’s a slim design that begs to be carried. A couple of inconsistencies in your review: Rob, that is really interesting! CRKT Ripple 2 Specs: Overall length: 6.5 inches Blade length: 2.75 inches Blade: acuto 440 hollow ground Weight: 2.4 oz Unassisted frame lock A sleek … Having the lock engage “late” from the start means that you may get less life out of the lock. Here is a parting size comparison with my Boker Plus Urban Trapper: The Ripple is a beautiful knife. This is a nice size for an EDC knife. 99 It's a sweet knife, but bigger and heavier than I need for a daily driver. Thanks man. This is a very slim handle and all the detail is unlike anything else currently on the market. The smart IKBS ball bearing system really characterises this knife. Het mes opent heel soepel en het handvat ziet er bijzonder uit. De Aluminium versies zijn voorzien van een linerlock, terwijl de RVS versies zijn voorzien van een frame lock. Glad you liked the words – the photos make the review! The swedge running 3/4 of the top of the blade is another elegant touch and the high hollow grind makes this a nice slicer as well. Het Ripple mes is van uitstekende kwaliteit en is erg soepel dankzij het ingebouwde kogellager systeem. In fact, the ergonomics are surprisingly good. The Ripple was one of Ken’s first designs for CRKT. If you search on youtube there are a number of comparisons I believe. Due to the intricate design on the handle you can hardly tell the framelock is there. Na ongeveer een half jaar gebruik zien we wel dat de geanodiseerde coating lichtelijk begint te slijten in de hoekjes. But a well-designed flipper is not easy to achieve. We love flash and looks. The Ripple is made in Taiwan, which we now know (thanks to Spyderco) is capable of making some great higher end blades at a terrific value. Finally, the handle is bolted together with two pillars. Een klein beetje druk op de flipper en het mes glijdt zo openen. CRKT® and noted knife designer Ken Onion are proud to introduce the Aluminum Ripple™ K415KXP folding EDC knife. This is an interesting fix for sure. Very detailed and informative. What you see here is the large version with a 3 1/8″ blade, an overall length of 7 1/2″ and a weight of 2.9 ounces. Filed Under: Assisted and Automatic Knives, Collectable Knives, CRKT, EDC Knives, Folding Knives, Gentleman's Folder Tagged With: 8Cr13MoV, aluminum, flipper, ikbs, Ken Onion. The Ripple is one of the knives that laid the foundation for Ken Onion / CRKT collaborations, and continues to be a great lightweight high value option for folks years after its original release. With the assisted open and the flipper, I can totally see why CRKT opted for tip down carry, but with 44 holes already in this knife, they really need to drill a couple more and make this clip ambidextrous. In deze review van behandelen we de CRKT Ripple: Een serie heren zakmessen van het Amerikaanse merk Columbia River Knife & Tool. In the comments for that review, one of suggestion was to check out the CRKT M-16 or M-21. Toen in 1997 de CRKT Kiss werd geïntroduceerd maakte het bedrijf een explosieve groei mee. This is a really slender and refined blade and it comes with an exquisite tip. I will add this one to the list and try to get something done as soon as possible. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. De CRKT Ripple is een middelgroot zakmes met een totale lengte van 19cm in geopende stand. However, I have noticed on multiple knives, the framelock extends very far over (see below) while others lock up early. Since his arrival at CRKT, he’s created a number of solid knives, including the Swindle, Hootenanny, Shenanigan Z, and Eros. by Dan Jackson 17 Comments. My other review was for a Kershaw AM-3 in which I said I set my trusty Ripple aside to give the newer knife a try. Best High Value Knives. Gesloten is het mes net geen 11cm lang en ongeveer 1cm dik. The youngest ever inductee into the Blade Magazine Hall of Fame in 2008, he is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful knife designers of all time. I didn’t realize that is what it stood for, must not have researched that thoroughly enough. De Ripple is ook een van de eerste zakmessen die voorzien is van het IKBS (Internal Knife Ball-Bearing System) lagersysteem. The handle has been rounded and the flipper helps define the choil. I’ve heard good things about the Wal-Mart version however, people seem to like it for the $35 or so price tag. I would prefer if they re-worked the pocket clip so that it was ambidextrous, and a little less weird, but beyond that you get a lot of nice knife for the money. The IKBS is both interesting and functional, long term testing will tell if this is a mere novelty or truly a revolutionary way to deploy a blade. Het handvat is gemaakt van 6061 aluminium met daarin twee roestvrij stalen liners van 2CR13 staal. Hey Dan, not sure if it’s worth updating at this point, but there is now a $39 version of this knife on KnifeCenter, with well-known 8CR14MoV steel and aluminum handles. But the Ripple is probably his most popular and best knife. This is one of the smoothest opening knives currently on the market (production blades at least). Thank you for choosing my photos! CRKT worden vaak samen met bekende messenmakers ontwikkeld. En dat zonder enige vorm van assist-opening. CRKT Ripple. Those familiar with Ken Onion’s Leek, Chive, ZT 302, etc will be very familiar with this style of deployment. Het lemmet is van hoogwaardig carbon RVS met een hardheid van 57-59. IKBS does not stand for “internal knife bearing system” it stands for “Ikoma Korth bearing system” named after its inventors.