Monsters: Present Mimic, Flocko, GingerBread, Zombie Elf, Elf Archer, Nutcracker, Yeti, Elf Copter, Everscream, Krampus, Ice Queen, Santa-NK1, Monster Drops: Christmas Tree Sword, Festive Wings, Razorpine, Christmas Hook, Everscream Trophy, Blizzard Staff, North Pole, Ice Queen Trophy, Snowman Cannon, Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle, Reindeer Bells, Elf Melter, Chain Gun, Santa-NK1 Trophy. Once the Lunatic Cultist is defeated, the Lunar Events will start. Duke Fishron may be a difficult Hard Mode boss with it's insane HP and attacks, now that we're into that let's review it's health, and don't worry it's not a crazy number like 100,000 thought it's still a eye cathing number phrase. However, you will not gain the loot. In Master Mode, it is possible to defeat Duke Fishron with The Black Spot, as the mount is faster than the Duke. The arena must be very tall: the tornadoes are very tall, and require a significant amount of flight time to fly over. Lava Bats are simply a stronger version of the Hellbat. New Monsters: Toxic Sludge, Digger, Possessed Armor (night), Recommended Equipment: Molten, Meteor or Crimson armor, Molten Pickaxe, Phoenix Blaster, Fiery Greatsword or Night's Edge, Flamarang, Demon Scythe. King slime (optional) This boss is optional, nothing exceptional about him. To unlock each one, you may need to defeat many of the respective biome's enemies to get a key, which is used to unlock the respective chest. Solar eclipses occur randomly at dawn and last throughout the day. For team players, the arena can be much shorter. Use any leftover ore to upgrade armor, then weapons, and lastly tools. My weapons are chain gun, sniper rifle and chlorophyte shotbow. After defeating Plantera, the dungeon's difficulty increases dramatically. Do not allow the bubble to hit you while you are moving upwards straight or on the ground, or you are likely to take damage from it and possibly stunlocked immediately. This means that ranged attacks would be the safest strategy to beating him, providing you don't make too many mistakes and other mobs don't interfere. It should be noted also that arena shouldn't exceed Ocean biome. Souls of Light can be found by killing enemies in the Underground Hallow. The Golem drops the Picksaw, which enables the player to mine Lihzahrd Brick. You’ll have to smash a few Altars with the Pwnhammer to make it appear. As with the Underground Hallow, it is recommended that the player avoids this biome until they obtain Mythril armor. For example, if you are horizontal with him when he is about to charge, you need to quickly up (or down, if you're already flying). Summoning Duke Fishron does not require that any other bosses have been defeated beforehand. For solo players, build a very long bridge out of wood platforms. Master Mode gives the player one more accessory slot, meaning that the player can have a total of 7 accessory slots after consuming the Demon Heart in Hardmode. If the player is not in Eternity Mode, Truffle Worm EX has no effect. Also note, however, that each altar destroyed may spawn a new block of Ebon/Crimstone, or Pearlstone somewhere in the world, causing the respective biomes to spread from another location. The hunter potion is quite invaluable using this strategy because the hunter potion allows the player to see the boss at all times. BEWARE: if you defeat all Lunar Pillars, the Moon Lord will spawn, and chances are if you can't defeat Fishron, you have an even lower chance of defeating the Moon Lord. The Moon Lord, bearing a striking resemblance to Cthulhu but confirmed not to be by the developers (although at health thresholds it spawns True Eyes of Cthulhu), is summoned directly after defeating the final Celestial Pillar and serves as Terraria's final boss as of version 1.3. hide . At this point, you may also want to start working on getting good modifiers for your equipment. There is no set order necessary to kill them, but it is preferable to take on the one corresponding to your class first, then the Stardust Pillar to get the powerful Stardust Dragon Staff. The best choices include the, Characters with Spectre Armor should consider using, If a player has no arena, they can just use, 600-1200 normal minecart tracks for building loop + 2 booster tracks. Since Plantera is so insanely hard in Master Mode, the best thing you can do is beat Duke Fishron before Plantera. Monsters: Pirate Deckhand, Pirate Deadeye, Pirate Corsair, Pirate Crossbower, Pirate Captain, Parrot, Flying Dutchman. This content is transcluded from Guide:Practical Tips § Combat. While the Truffle Worm EX has a rarity of 11, it does not use the standard blue color for its item name. When used or equipped, it summons a smaller version of Duke Fishron that acts as a pet. So I've decided, once and for all, to write an ultimate guide to defeating this Fishy Menace! This biome has the same mobs as it did pre-Hardmode, making it considerably safer than almost anywhere else in the world. Duke Fishron is a Hard Mode boss added in 1.2.4. The order in which the player obtains these souls does not matter. I cannot even get duke bellow 35000 before I die. Master Mode HP: 76,500; How to summon Duke Fishron. I find it really hard to dodge his attacks, dying quickly. His damage and speed increase significantly. Harvesting these two items should be a top priority. For melee users, the best offensive set consists of the, For ranged users, the best offensive set consists of the, For magic users, the best offensive set consists of either, All whips at this stage of the game deal less damage per second than weapons from other classes, even when wearing summoning equipment. The upgraded Sharknado attack is a bit more difficult to deal with. … The downside of course is that, once the bubble hits you, you need to quickly move, lest it spawn on top of you. In Master Mode, all attacks of the Moon Lord have their damage tripled, except for the contact damage of the eye socket, which deals 80 as in Normal Mode. Internal Projectile ID: 892 The Pork of the Sea is a pet-summoning item dropped by Duke Fishron in Master Mode, with a 1/4 (25%) chance to drop. Hello everyone! Keep in mind that this strategy only works with enraged Duke Fishron, because in his enraged behavior he will do nothing but attempt to ram you. Don’t stop moving at any time or you’ll die. Although the Ranger is still great at dealing high DPS, the lack of a self-healing attack, unlike the other two, also makes this the most dangerous approach, and with the Duke’s extremely high damage, leaves you very little margin for error. Statistics. Guess I'm feeling determined. Instead, it alternates between two custom colors (#FF3399 and #0033FF). After cycling through its attacks a few times, it will fade away, and reappear in a ritual-like circle, with duplicates of itself called Ancient Cultists. New Monsters: Moth, Moss Hornet, Angry Trapper, Arapaima, Giant Tortoise, Monster Drops: Uzi, Bezoar, Turtle Shell, Butterfly Dust, Tattered Bee Wing, Yelets, Notable Resources: Chlorophyte Ore, Life Fruit. For experienced players, this is a surprisingly safe and effective way to fight the Duke, even in master mode. Duke Fishron is known to be quite a difficult boss to defeat for some, even with near-endgame gear. When a Pirate Invasion spawns or is summoned using a Pirate Map, a message will appear saying "Pirates are approaching from the (East/West)! The other ores cannot be mined. This will cause the charging Twin to charge too fast, and then attempt to correct it as they try to charge again. The only end is the player's imagination! This will cause any Mimics to break their ruse and attack. As soon as Hardmode begins, it is possible to find a Tortured Soul which, when purification powder is used in it rather than killing it, transformed into a Tax Collector, which greatly boosts income. There are two methods to dodging the attacks, like with Skeletron Prime. Monsters: Chaos Elemental, Illuminant Bat, Illuminant Slime, Enchanted Sword, Hallowed Mimic, Monster Drops: Soul of Light, Blessed Apple, Rod of Discord, Recommended Equipment: Mythril or Palladium; Ironskin Potions and Regeneration Potions. However, don't underestimate the new monsters in this biome: the Armored Skeleton's "Broken Armor" debuff is particularly lethal. In Expert and Master mode, ... Duke Fishron seems to have been designed with the intention of being farm-proof (he’s not), and if you sit still or linger in the same area, he can literally take you from a full 600hp to zero in two seconds flat in his second stage, whereas if you keep moving and keep your distance, you shouldn’t take much damage. Jump to: navigation, search. Drops: Flairon, Tsunami, Razorblade Typhoon, Tempest Staff, Bubble Gun, Fishron Wings, Shrimpy Truffle (expert), Recommended Melee Equipment: Turtle or Beetle armor, Possessed Hatchet, and Vampire Knives, Recommended Ranged Equipment: Shroomite armor, Chain Gun or Tactical Shotgun with Chlorophyte Bullets, or Stynger, Recommended Magic Equipment: Spectre armor (Hood), Heat Ray, Bat Scepter, Golden Shower (maybe); Celestial Cuffs, Sorcerer Emblem or Celestial Stone, Recommended Accessories (all classes): Hoverboard (or any Wings), Frostspark Boots, Amphibian Boots, Destroyer Emblem, Tabi / Master Ninja Gear, Shield of Cthulhu (expert), Recommended Buff Potions (all classes): Ironskin, Regeneration, Swiftness, Thorns, Water Walking, Well Fed, Wrath, Rage, Lifeforce, Endurance, Summoning, Gravitation (optional).

duke fishron master mode guide

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