Petunia Supertunia® generally stand around 6- 10 inches tall and can spread/trail up to 24-36 inches, with the exception of Vistas petunias which have a mounding habit and can get 24 inches tall and 24-36 inches wide. If you are going to grow from seeds, start them indoors about 10 weeks before you want to set them outside. Planting petunias in containers is a fantastic way to showcase them. They are weather-tolerant, disease resistant and heavy-blooming. Cut back leggy plant stems back to 3- to 4-inch stubs with some foliage. Most enlightening. Whether in hanging baskets or containers on tables or a front porch, growing petunias in pots brings vibrant color throughout the summer to whatever area you choose. Cutting-propagated trailers. We are over run with ant hills all over the place. Stunning! Note: The spreading types of petunias and those in containers require more frequent watering. Often petunias in containers need to be watered as much as once as day. The wave reference in the name describes the outward movement of the clump of flowers that grow extremely fast and cover a large ground area in a very short time. Petunias can also get straggly-looking by midsummer. Wave series are faster growers. Petunias are one of the most popular garden flowers for both borders and containers. Is it shallow root or deep root, Submitted by The Editors on October 10, 2018 - 4:11pm. The Supertunia® series of petunias, part of the Proven Winners® plant line, are extremely vigorous bloomers that have the advantage of being self-cleaning, so no deadheading is needed. Not sure what zone you are in, but in zone 4 there has been massive amounts of rain, also flooding in some areas. Submitted by Cynthia Kukler Smith on July 11, 2019 - 8:05am. Will it recover? Wave petunias are a spreading variety with flower heads a little larger than multifloras of 2 ½ to 3 inches in diameter. T… I've just moved from 6b planting zone to 9a. You can transplant a larger container of Wave Petunias or a hanging basket of Cool Wave Pansies right in the garden. Surfinias result from a cross of P. hybrida with a wild South American trailing type, P. pendula. Cut up to 1/2 of the stem off when pruning to encourage new growth. May I use Seven in my petunias in window boxes? Submitted by kathy on January 9, 2019 - 1:21pm. They are good for containers and hanging baskets and will do fine planted directly in the ground. Animals don't like the smell. Submitted by Lois on July 2, 2019 - 9:21am. I have two hanging baskets of burgundy starry night petunias- they are (were) gorgeous. You can cultivate petunias as annuals in most areas or as perennials in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 though 11. ‘Heavenly Lavender’ is an early, compact, double, deep lavender blue with 3-inch blooms on 12-to 14-inch plants. They are inexpensive, easy to grow and spread color throughout your flower beds. The pots would fill abundantly with lovely multi-colored flowers hanging all the way to the ground by mid July. Petunia seeds are very small (dust-like!) Color changes in flowering plants is something of a mystery. In the 6b zone I would plant them from 4-6 inch pots or flats on June 15th (never before) after, hopefully, the last snow. Submitted by Kathy Horn on June 19, 2019 - 1:36pm. Growth habits range from slightly mounded to trailing, depending on the variety. Try looking up the uses for Baking Soda from sprays to fertilizing plants. ‘Madness’ series petunias have big, 3-inch flowers in many veined and solid colors. So plan your growing application accordingly. It is a huge problem this year. Unlike Wave petunia, the term cascading petunia does not identify a type of flower but a growth habit. Submitted by Karen Irwin on June 23, 2019 - 10:05am. Grandiflora flowers are large, sometimes over 4 inches across, and come in single blossoms or ruffly doubles. Custom programming and server maintenance by,,,,, Ever since the Ball Seed Company developed "Wave" petunias, gardeners have become addicted to their easy-care splash. I got a good deal on petunias and we are into August. Wave petunia plants have a spreading growth habit, with the ability to fill flower beds with their blooms that sprout all along their stems, which can reach up to 4 feet (1.2 m.). Any advice please. In particular, the tiny … Submitted by Beth Green on June 5, 2019 - 4:55pm, I love petunias but after a while they get some kind of a bug that develops into a worm that eats the plant. Let soil dry out ,remove from planter if really wet ,then replant after soil is just moist. I've had 6 large planter pots across my back deck in full sun with petunias at both of my homes. The Proven Winners® petunias are more floriferous because all their energy is put into flower production, not seed production. This makes them ideal for scrambling down a hillside garden, or planting atop a retaining wall. Clippings can be added to a compost pile to be recycled. Just as all Wave petunias are not cascading, all cascading petunias are not found in the Wave series. Submitted by Tatyana on July 3, 2019 - 12:05pm. The seeds can remain in the soil and germinate years after the plants have been eradicated. No matter which variety appeals to you, there will be a whole rainbow of colors you can work with, in either solid hues or bi-color. Elongated stems with few branches and diminishing flower production indicate it’s time for drastic action. Multifloras and grandifloras do. A thorough watering once a week should be sufficient (unless there are prolonged periods of drought in your area). Wave petunias spread very rapidly, forming a low, solid mass studded with flowers. It is so easy to understand that you can pass the task onto your children! Groundcover or "spreading" petunias are only about six inches tall, but spread so rapidly that they cover a huge area over one growing season, provided they're watered and fertilized frequently. Petunias must be planted much more closely together in containers to look attractively full right from the start. How should I go about planting petunias in midsummer? They eat the leaves of plants and trees leaving holes throughout the tender leaves. can I spray guard tech seven on my seeding petunias, Submitted by Priscilla on May 19, 2019 - 7:18pm, Check our 12 uses of vinigar. The water table underground has raised up and is pushing the ant population upwards to the surface. Can anyone tell me why this happened and what I can do to get my flowers back to their prior glory? Weed and feed and water, then wait. To hasten things, put the sprouts under a fluorescent light for 12 hours per day to mimic spring conditions. Ideally, petunias are planted in the ground as seeds, as replanting them doesn’t always work. Submitted by Cindy Smith on July 11, 2019 - 7:59am. Hello, I had gorgeous “Galaxy Petunias” that were mainly purple in color with speckles of white. The spreading ground-cover types of petunias should be planted at least 1 1/2 feet apart. Then the plants will keep producing more. Every garden needs to have a variety of petunias. It’s best to buy young plants from a nursery which often sells petunias in flats. ‘Double Madness’ petunias are compact and floriferous with big, 3-inch flowers all through the summer. She currently divides her life between San Francisco and southwestern France. Seed capsules on the plants burst open when ripe, scattering seeds everywhere. I did some research that said I should remove each spent bloom including the seed pod. Plants can be spaced closer together to give an instant show. Do regular fresh mint leaves work as well? I put sand on top of my soil for daisy and hosta, if its snails, you can also put a small container out close to plant and fill half full with beer ,lol it works but try sand first . The container width is your choice. Santa Cruz, a law degree from Berkeley's Boalt Hall, and an MA and MFA from San Francisco State. How Far Apart Do You Plant Petunias?. Submitted by Diane Jester on June 26, 2019 - 12:45pm, Submitted by The Editors on June 27, 2019 - 3:52pm. Petunias used as groundcovers spread to 4 feet, with flowers growing along the length of each trailing stem. Wave petunias prefer a … I noticed that they are very leafy not many flowers so do I have to pinch out the centrepiece to help flower growth please, Submitted by Rebecca Brink on June 6, 2020 - 9:38am, "I have several hanging baskets of petunias along the back of my house, i"m dead heading them daily, my husband says they need trimmed to be healthier, is this true & if so how do you trim them", Submitted by Betty on July 9, 2019 - 1:47pm. However, if you are going to plant it in a container or in a hanging basket, as most people generally do, you should know that it’s going to require a bit more water.

do petunias spread

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